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Title Insurance

At Transfer Title Agency, Inc., we understand that buying a home or property can be a stressful time. Purchasing Owner's Title Insurance is an important step that is taken to protect the new owner from claims to the title of the property. Purchasing an Owner's Title Insurance Policy through Transfer Title Agency, Inc. is a very wise decision you can make to protect your real estate.


Escrow Services

Transfer Title Agency provides an Escrow Officer who serves as the intermediary between the lender, buyer and seller in a transaction. They also oversee the process to ensure that any proceeds any bills directed through the contract, prorates taxes, disburses real estate commissions and complies with IRS reporting requirements. We also collects all documents from all parties required by the purchase agreement before the actual filing, and meet with the sellers and buyers to obtain pertinent signatures on such documents as deed, settlement statement, seller's affidavit, note, mortgage, truth in lending and other documents. Learn more at

Legal & Tax

A Legal and Tax is a summary which consists of a legal description, current taxes, Auditor's card, a copy of the most recent deed and a RealQuest report. It is provided in a Property Profile at no cost to our customers. RealQuest is a software package that provides an analysis of current sales, history, parcel maps, street maps and other useful data on a property. RealQuest enhances our ability to obtain information quickly and pass that information along to our customers in a timely manner. Transfer Title Agency, Inc. offers a full line of marketing material for Realtors to promote homes. Please contact our representative for a list of the current offerings and prices.

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