Residential Title and Escrow Services


At Transfer Title, the demands of complex commercial real estate transfers are met with experience. Transfer Title provides commercial clients with packaged title work that is custom tailored for each individual project.


We offer Title Insurance, Legal & Tax and Escrow Services. Our process is simple, from purchasing a title policy to helping you close on a sale and even providing marketing material for your property.


Purchasing a property from foreclosure is a way many individuals purchase property.  Many of these properties are purchased without viewing the interior which is obviously a risky venture. We always recommend the purchase of a title policy.

Remote Online Notarization

Transfer Title Agency, Inc. has two licensed professionals in our office who are authorized to conduct Remote Online Notarization “RON”.  

Legal & Tax

A Legal and Tax is a summary which consists of a legal description, current taxes, auditor's card, a copy of the most recent deed and a REiSource report. It is provided in a Property Profile at no cost to our customers. REiSource is a software package that provides an analysis of current sales, history, parcel maps, street maps and other useful data on a property. REiSource enhances our ability to obtain information quickly and pass that information along to our customers in a timely manner. Transfer Title Agency, Inc. offers a full line of marketing material for Realtors to promote homes. Please contact our representative for a list of the current offerings and prices.


Robert C. Skidmore, Esq.



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